February 27, 2021

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5 Energy Saving Tips For Summer

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Energy saving is not a hardcore science that one won’t understand! Just be punctual and follow the simple steps. That will save you energy and money on your electric bills this summer.

Summer is the season in which more energy is used in homes. Summer is season of excitement but also expensive regarding electric bills. There are some simple things that can save a lot of energy. That will help to reduce electric bills.

The simple tips which can save energy are:

1-Turn off Extra Lights

Most of us usually don’t cares about that when we walks to any room turns light on but never turn it off while getting out of it. It will be better to turn the light off after getting out from the room.

Other thing is that 6PM to 11PM is the time in which it’s best to keep extra lights off, because that’s the peak time in which all consumers are using more electricity. Keeping extra lights off at that time can save you lot of energy. This will make a good impact of electric bill reduction.

2. Draught Excluder’s

Draught excluders are available at good retail stores, it won’t cost you much! It will make you small but significant savings. Draught proofing is most easy and cost effective way of saving energy. Draughts lets too much of cool air into your home as they are uncontrolled, this wastes a lot of heat and money.

3. Don’t Keep Appliances on Standby

Keeping your appliances on standby never saves you energy, just turn them off. Such as keeping your TVs on standby wont saves you energy, as they are still consuming electricity. Same with other appliances, its best to turn them off rather than on standby!

4. Programmable Thermostat

Usually Gas Installers use the programmable thermostats to manage your home’s internal heating. The thermostat is having series of settings to program which allows you to set it for different times. There is variety of programmable thermostats in the market. But it will be best to consult with a plumber or heating contractor before getting the programmable thermostat.

5. Never Overfill the Fridge

Fridge or refrigerator almost every home haves. There is a simple thing by following which you can save the electricity consumed by your fridge. Never overfill the fridge with things as the air circulates in the fridge to keep things cool. Overfilling will make the unit work hard to make sure the air can circulate. That will make the fridge to consume more energy.

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