February 27, 2021

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6 Secrets for Cheap Travel

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Secrets for cheap travel no one knows better than a backpacker! Best secrets from a backpacker’s diary can teach a lot about how to travel like a backpacker and saving lot of extra expenses. Secrets for cheap travel from a backpacker’s diary are really handy to learn about traveling with affordability.

Thinking about backpacker a young person with well-worn jeans with unlimited endurance comes in mind. That’s only an apparent thing which we see! While backpacking in deeper sense means adventure with total freedom. Backpacking is one of the best ways for cheap travel. But the people who had a formal lifestyle and likes to prefer private bathrooms and upscale cuisine don’t want the backpacking style of traveling.

But here we are talking about cheap travel secrets. The best tips for cheap travel we can get from a backpacker. Just adopt the mind setup of a backpacker and reveal the secrets for cheap travel.

It’s the fact that backpackers really knows best the ways for cheap travel; just pack up your six pound pack and find the affordable accommodations and food.

Here are the tips from a backpacker for cheap travel:

1-Prefer Hostel not Hotel

There is a mind set up that hostels are only for young people. As being matured it doesn’t look good to go for that. Well, hostels are not for just young people. The trend is changing now many older travelers are increasingly booking stays at hostels, as worldwide international hotel rates are increasing. The hostels are changing or stretching out their traditional hostel styles.

Basically a hostel offers a dormitory, no private rooms and bathrooms. But this hostel definition is changing! Now there are many hostels around the world that had changed hostel living style. There are hostels where you can get private room, suits, fashionable décor, swimming pool and fancy food. Many hostels around the world are bringing in laundry service, free internet and gourmet dinner.

It’s best to search on forehand about good hostels before traveling to your destination. You can search about that through reputable websites like, hostlebookers.com, hostels.com and tripadvisor.com.

2- Be a Pedestrian

Majority of backpackers like to travel on their feet. Definitely it is task that needs great strength and endurance. Be a pedestrian and challenge your endurance. It will be difficult for the first time, but you can practice that before going to any destination. Daily walk for 30 minutes or 1 hour will be helpful to you to build up your stamina.

Being a pedestrian you can have to closer and personal look at the scenic places. It is hundred times better than viewing them through a car or train. Most of all the major benefit of walking is that you won’t have to pay any fare.

There is a well reputable company that offers vacation packages with walking tours; RoadScholar.org. Visit their site and you will find many active packages which include hiking or biking.

3- Pack like a Backpacker

Pack like a backpacker as its essential to learn how to pack light and that no one better knows than a backpacker. It is impossible to walk long with a suitcase and bulky carry-on bag. Aside from that packing light will save you money also, which is charged by many airlines as baggage fees.

What’s the secret how backpacker with light gear at their back travels for months? This question also contains the secrets for cheap travel. Well a backpacker always packs multi function things in their backpack. Such as, pants that can turn into shorts, shampoo/conditioner and combo bottles that are why carry a light backpack specifically a backpack that can hold more things and weigh less. You can get your own backpacking equipment from any travel store.

There are many hostels and hotels on different places around the world who haves indoor laundry facilities. But best thing is that for cheap travel that you keep portable packets of detergents. You can wash your own clothes in sink.

4- Eat Fresh Food to be fresh

As mentioned above light packing saves you from airlines extra baggage fees, but light packing also helps you to have room in your backpack to have food in it. Usually backpackers tend to seek out fresh produce markets, electric food carts and local bakeries. On expensive destinations like Europe the food is expensive to buy from any restaurant. It will be best to look into a grocery store where you can get ready to cook items.

But it will be best to go for fresh fruits, dairy items and vegetables. Eat fresh food to be fresh!

5- Change Your Itinerary

A traditional backpacker usually never charts a detailed itinerary. But everyone is not having such long time for vacations like a backpacker. Still you can change a little your itinerary. This will need you to plan before you go to travel. While planning a trip keeps it flexible, search for the first hand recommendations from locals and other travelers. This will help you to mix up your travel schedule. Book the room in a hostel but keep the information about other hostels also on your planned destinations. Search for nearby attractions of your destination also! Keep a note of food, lodging and transportation in your planned destination place. A flexible trip plan can let you for some extra sightseeing.

6- Trek Independently

It’s not necessary that you need a companion to travel and explore the world! The biggest secret from a backpacker’s diary is that backpacking is a mind setup to explore yourself.  Trek independently and it will lead you to personal exploration and freedom. It doesn’t mean to walk alone through your journey. You can have many people who will come across you in your trip. You will get the friends from different parts of the world whom you never met before.

At hostels you will meet many other travelers with them you can share your travel experiences and from them you will get their experiences also.

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