February 25, 2021

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8 Things in Your Eyes Show Your Health Condition

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Eyes are one of the organs in body that literally shows clear signs when human body gets any health problem in body. The signs can be like blurred or impaired vision, red eyes or blind spots. Eyes can tell and show a lot about our health condition.

Eyes are most important thing for every living being. We do know their importance as without eyes it’s really hard to live. As there is an old saying that eyes are the widows of the soul! Surely they are, but aside from soul they are windows to our body health condition also. There are some certain symptoms if you see persistently in your eyes; you must see your doctor then.

Here are the symptoms which you should check on:

1. Yellow Eyes

It’s easy to anticipate yellow eyes as we do see mirror many times in day. They eyes usually get yellow when liver get jaundice. Eyes can get yellow because of gallbladder or bile ducts. So, if eyes get yellow you should see your doctor.

2. Bulging Eyes

Sometimes we feel we cannot see properly and we rub our eyes or blink them several times and our vision becomes clear. If this happen on constant basis then it can be a symptom that thyroid is overactive. It can be thyroid or Graves eye disease. One other symptom is that you feeling difficulty in closing your eyes its makes the eyes appear to bulge. Usually this symptom appears in 30% cases. If you get symptom like that then you must visit your doctor.

3. Diabetic Patient with Cloudy Vision

If you are diabetic then it’s necessary for you to pay special attention to your health, specifically to your eyes. Diabetic person is mostly at risk of retinopathy (a condition which is caused by damage of the blood vessels in the photosensitive retina tissue).  That can cause cloudy vision. A diabetic patient must see the doctor if he get cloudy vision.

4. Blind Spots

It’s scary to get blind spots in seeing. That can be because of headache or migraine. Even that seems simple but if you get blind spots in vision you must see your doctor.

5. Impaired Vision or Vision Loss

It’s really alarming when any change in vision is noticed.  Change like impaired vision or disappearing of vision requires immediate medical help. Such symptoms are initial sign of stroke.

6. Sty

Sty a lump on the eyelid is very painful and irritating. This happens because of blocked sebaceous gland. A sty goes away in few days but if it continues it can cause many serious inconveniences.

A sty pop up again and again or it remain for long time then it would be a symptom of a sebaceous gland carcinoma. If it appears on same place or don’t heal then it’s better to visit your doctor.

7. Eyebrow Hair loss

There are many reasons for eyebrow hair loss it can be because of aging, stress, or lack of nutrients. The baldness conditions like alopecia areata, or spot baldness can be reason for eyebrow hair loss. But that affect only 0.1% of the population. Other noticeable reason for eyebrow loss can be the hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is acute shortage of thyroid hormones which if get high can cause hair loss. It’s best to visit your doctor when you get eyebrow loss to check the state of your thyroid gland.

8. Blurred Vision

Modern technology had great affect on eyes in shape of computer, laptops, Smartphone, e-books. Prolonged use of computers or smartphones cause burning eyes. It’s getting common now a days and in medical it’s given special term Digital Eye Strain or Dry Eye Syndrome. Aside from that high blood pressure cause blurred vision also. It’s better to visit a doctor in case of blurred vision.

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