February 27, 2021

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Best Cheapest Places for Vacation

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Going on vacation to visit beautiful places is good but its best when you don’t get much load at your pocket. There are so many beautiful cheapest places for vacation around the world. Where you can get best outcome of your vacation investment!

honeymoon couple snorkeling in the Caribbean waters

Everyone wants to have vacations to relax and getaway from hectic daily routine life. That’s human instinct to have some time away from the work! There are numerous benefits of vacations too but major one is that a person gets relaxed and gets ready for upcoming work challenges. Change of climate brings positive changes in humans, as many time doctors advise to their patients also.

Going on vacations is a good idea but sometimes there are not enough finances to go for it. But how if you are told about best cheapest places around the world for vacation, which won’t put heavy burden over your budget.

The best cheapest places for vacation whose beauty will make you to fly there again:


The country with snowy valleys is a great place and not much expensive. In summers its best place to visit. As you will get away from the hot summers temperatures, and you will enjoy the healthy and clean valleys snowy temperatures. Iceland is located between North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean.  Currency of Iceland is Icelandic Krona. One US Dollar is equal to almost 134 Icelandic krona.

2- Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country located at Northern Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is having beautiful beaches. Most of all it’s a cheapest place for vacations as compare to other beach places around the world. One US dollar is equal to 132 Sri Lankan rupees. The food and accommodation both are so cheap. There are beautiful beach resorts also which you can book at very low price.

3- Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked country in central Europe. Hungary is most beautiful country and among top 15 most popular tourist destinations. Hungary is a full of greenery and beautiful places. The currency of Hungary is Forint. One US dollar is equal to 276 Hungarian Forint.

4- Indonesia

Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, it’s an archipelago consists of thousands of islands. Indonesia is having most beautiful beaches. It’s one of cheapest place for vacation; the currency of Indonesia is Indonesian Rupiah. One US dollar is equal to 12,525 Indonesian rupiah.

5- Vietnam

Vietnam is located Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. The most famous place to visit in Vietnam is its Paradise cave locally known as Thien Duong cave. Vietnam is one of cheapest places for vacations. Its currency is Vietnamese Dong. One US dollar is equal to 21,345 Vietnamese Dong.

6- Mongolia

Mongolia is located between Russia and China, a landlocked country. The beautiful landscapes of Mongolia will take you to dreamland.  Its currency is Tugrik, one US dollar is equal to 1940 Mongolian Tugrik.

7- Cambodia

Cambodia is located at the Sothern portion of Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. You will get cheap boarding and lodging at Cambodia. The country with beautiful Buddhist temples and so many attractions! The currency of Cambodia is Riel, one US dollar is equal to 4062 Cambodian Riel.

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