February 25, 2021

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Factors that Affect the Lifespan of Solar Panels

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Average lifespan of solar panels is 25 years. But there are several factors that can reduce the lifespan of solar panels. Many manufacturers’ do give warranty of solar panels up to 25 years. But harsh weather conditions or storms can damage the solar panels or improper installation can reduce lifespan of solar panels.

Homeowners and commercial entities are more interested in solar panels to have sustainable lifestyle. As far as considering solar panels for home it’s necessary to know about the average lifespan of solar cell panels. Usual life span of solar cell panels is 25 years. However, it doesn’t mean that solar panels will stop working after 25 years. That only mean after 25 years the output of solar panels may decrease than the solar panel manufacturer’s rated output production.

Here we will discuss about the factors that affect the output of solar panels and how to extend the life of solar panel system, specific maintenance, why degradation occur and other factors that affect the lifespan of solar panels.

Length of the Warranty

The length of the warranty by the manufacturers means life expectancy of the solar panels.  Most of solar panel manufacturing companies provide 25 years of warranty. This 25 years warranty means that solar panels will perform near their peak efficiency. Most of warranties guarantee 80% of rated output while some companies offer 90% or more efficiency. If the warranty is of 80% output that means the 300 Watts solar panel will produce at least 240 Watts until the end of those 25 years. There are separate warranties regarding workmanship to cover issues like junction boxes or faulty framing. The supportive equipment for solar panels such as inverter and monitoring devices are having short time period warranty.

Solar Panels Degradation

Solar panels can degrade faster than their expected lifespan. Many things play role to degrade solar panels such as extreme changes in climate, heavy dust or improper installation. Crystalline solar panels are at higher risk of degradation.

Find a Trusted Solar Panel Installer

It should be noted that it’s necessary to find a trusted solar panel installer for installing solar panels first time. That will enhance the lifespan of the solar panels. Though, solar panels are durable with no defects but for the first time installation you need to be very careful. Professional solar panel installers can take good care of it while installing the solar panels.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are having great role for degradation of solar panels. Such as, hailstones can damage the glass of solar panels or windstorm can cause tree branches to fall over the panels and damage them. Heavy snow fall can accelerate solar panel degradation. On the other hand solar panel manufacturers’ do test the panels for such weather threats.

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