February 27, 2021

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Fight Global Warming

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Global warming is a massive problem and it really needs serious attention! Before it’s too late along the governments it’s our duty also to make efforts fighting the global warming.

There is no doubt in that only mankind has the power to destroy this planet and is being doing from last many centuries. But on other hand this is true also that only mankind has the ability to save and sustain this planet. The major problem the entire world is facing today is global warming. Global warming is a huge problem and it’s impossible for an individual to solve it. Solution for global warming lies in collective efforts.

Every collective effort starts from an individual so change yourself by making environment friendly choices and inspire others so they follow you.

There are various ways you can do to prevent global warming.

1. Knowledge about Global Warming

The basic thing is to educate yourself about global warming problem. Global warming is affecting millions around the globe daily by destructive weather patterns and loss of habitat. When you will get knowledge about global warming then you will be able to take action on personal level and also you can impact others to join your hands in the efforts. Like this you can aware masses about global warming.

The impacts of global warming are heat waves, floods, storms, and droughts that are impacting the world heavily. Yet this problem is at its start but for upcoming generations they will suffer more! The dangers like famine, water shortages, extreme weather conditions, loss of animals and plant species are some types that global warming is and will cause.

But on other side the global warming also means long summer seasons that means long growing season for crops. Long summer season allows additional crops to be planted and that will increase the harvesting every year. Its best to know the both plus and minus sides of global warming.

Study more and more about global warming so you can have knowledge about it.

2. Share Your Knowledge about Global Warming

The research and study regarding global warming will give you an upper to make people understand it and you can also tell them some simple techniques that will help in reducing emissions. The technique about energy saving you can convince people!

It really matters to convince people that their efforts really matters in reducing global warming. You will have to educate the benefits of individual activities of the people that can play a vital role in reducing global warming. That you can be done by giving examples that what to do and what not to do!

While, teaching others about global warming keep your teaching manner instructive and moralistic because the people respond to such manner positively.

3. Make Impact on Government Policies

In political scenario its best to choose that candidate that gives priority to global warming. Learn more and more about environment friendly policies. This will help you to advocate about the global warming. Sometimes government policies give solution to a problem but in result another problem rises. Beware that corporations are effecting causing more global warming than individuals.

4. Give Priority to Public Transport

Give priority to public transportation instead of own car this will lessen the load on roads and reduces individual greenhouse gas emissions. You can also use bicycle and that good for your own fitness too!

5. Recycling

It’s best to use recycling bins for glass, paper, cardboard and plastic and also encourage others to do that. For shopping use cloth bags instead of plastic bags a little effort by individual can lead to a huge difference.

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