February 27, 2021

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Glass Solar Panels Types

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There are three glass solar panel types, silicate glass and silicon nitride, solar concentrators and evacuated solar tubes. These different type glass solar panels are used for different functions it can be for converting solar energy into electricity or water heating.

Glass solar panels types are different and they come in many forms. The glass solar panels are different in shapes and functions. The differentiation between the glass solar panels is that whether they are for photovoltaic solar power or heating. The conventional glass solar panels are flat, but these glass solar panels can be shaped into transparent, glass tubes, window like glass panels that connect to multiple small solar cells.

Types of Glass Solar Panels

There are main three types of glass solar panels:

  1. Silicate Glass and Silicon Nitride
  2. Solar Concentrators
  3. Evacuated Solar Tubes

1-Silicate Glass and Silicon Nitride

Silicate glass is best thing for making solar glass panel because it does not reflect the sun rays. Silicate Glass is placed over silicon nitride, like this the glass traps solar energy in similar process like greenhouse effect. It maximizes the solar energy on silicon nitride panels. Glass is used to construct it traditionally like solar panels. The large solar arrays with smaller solar collectors and visible metallic surfaces!

2- Solar Concentrators

Solar concentrator or solar panel glass is a pane glass which is developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for increasing the efficiency of conventional solar panels up to hundred percent. Solar concentrator is made of special dyes that absorb the sunlight. Solar concentrate is pushed at the edges of the glass pane; from there it goes through the small solar cells. Mostly solar panel glass is used in buildings and different structures with large number of windows. Solar panel glass can be used to cover the surfaces of the building as solar arrays.

3- Evacuated Solar Tubes

Evacuated solar tubes are totally different than other glass solar panel types. As its name shows evacuated solar tubes are in cylindrical shape. This shape gives them full 360 degree angle exposure to sunlight. Evacuated solar tubes are placed parallel to each other in a long series. These are placed in an equally and evenly spaced cylinders. Then evacuated solar tubes are mounted on a place where they have full exposure to sunlight. There are different other components also which are connected with the tips of evacuated solar tubes. These components then transfer the heated fluid (water) from tubes to the heating system of the building.

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