February 25, 2021

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Honey and Turmeric Best Natural Antibiotic

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Turmeric golden honey is best natural antibiotic that you cannot ignore. For the reason that don’t have any side effects like synthetic antibiotic. Hence, golden honey mixture has many health benefits especially best for cold and flu treatment. Similarly, it’s good for digestive system, lungs and throat.

Turmeric is mostly known as a spice but its lesser known about its antibiotic properties. About honey everybody knows its health benefits. First of all let us tell you that when turmeric and golden honey are mixed they form best natural antibiotic.

Furthermore curcumin (polyphenol which is known as an essential active ingredient) is found in turmeric. Hence curcumin is applied in over 150 therapeutic activities. Likewise it is best natural remedy, antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. Because of those properties turmeric destroy those bacteria which cause diseases, likewise it strengthen the body defenses.

Turmeric and Antibiotic Medicines

Antibiotic medicines have many side effects specifically on intestinal micro flora, while turmeric has no such negative effects. Along with honey, turmeric improves digestion and it enhances the beneficial flora in guts. As a result this is the best herbal antibiotic with no negative effects.

What is Golden Honey?

When, turmeric and honey is mixed with certain ration the mixture forms golden color hence, its called golden honey.

How to Make Golden Honey?

The ingredients you need for golden honey is honey and turmeric powder. You can easily both things from any store.

To make golden honey the quantity of the ingredients are:

  1. Raw organic honey 100 grams
  2. Turmeric powder 1 tablespoon

Take a glass container or bottle and put 100 grams raw organic honey in it plus one table spoon of turmeric powder mix it well. Finally your golden honey is ready!

How to use it?

When you get cold or flu on first day take half tablespoon of golden honey every hour. Furthermore on next day take half tablespoon after every 2 hours. On third day make it 3 times a day.

While you take this golden honey mixture, keep it in mouth until it dissolve completely. Normally human body takes 3 days to recover from cold. Hence, the golden honey mixture can prevent cold and you won’t need to take any drugs.

There are other ways to use this golden honey mixture and have different benefits. If you take is before your meal then it’s excellent for your throat and lungs. Similarly, if you golden honey mixture while eating is good for digestive system. And after eating if you take it then its best for the colon and kidneys.

What else golden honey is good for?

Furthermore golden honey mixture is good for hemophilia, hypertension and it lowers blood pressure. Golden honey mixture is also good for respiratory diseases. Take half tablespoon of this mixture for treatment of respiratory diseases 3 times a day during the week. Additionally you can add coconut milk or tea into the mix. Turmeric lowers blood sugar also so diabetic patients should consult their doctor before using this mixture.

Who should not take golden honey?

Most noteworthy thing is that if you have any gallbladder problems then you must not take this mixture. It cause muscle contractions of the gallbladder.

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