February 27, 2021

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How to Improve Efficiency and Performance of Solar Panels?

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There are several factors that impact the efficiency and performance of solar panels. Like heat, dust, debris, solar panel mounting etc. can affect the performance of solar panels power production.

There are many factors that can affect the efficiency and performance of solar panels. If we take care of those factors we can improve efficiency and performance of solar panels for long time. There are many technical things which we should consider for longevity of solar panels performance. It’s necessary to know about those factors that can impact the efficiency of solar panels.

Here are the factors that affect the efficiency and performance of solar panels:

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

If you keep your solar panels clean then solar panel’s efficiency and performance can be increased. Cleaning panels on regular bases from dust, debris, bird droppings, leaves and branches can extend efficiency of solar panels.

Solar Panel Mounting Position

Without a doubt solar panel mounting position plays important role in power generation. That’s why it’s necessary to mount solar panels facing as much sun as possible so its efficiency and performance can be at its peak.  Sun moves across the sky and on roof at different time of day different amount of rays fall. Therefore it’s important to install solar panels in such manner that most of time they face sunlight.

Batteries Maintenance or Replacement

Usually lithium ion or sealed lead acid batteries are used for solar power system backup. Typical warranty for the batteries varies from company to company but mostly it’s between 3-10 years.  Batteries require periodic inspection and this can extend the life of batteries.

UV (Ultra Violet) Rays

Most important thing for solar panels to generate electricity is sunlight (UV). There is a misconception many people think that power is generated in solar panels from sun’s heat. On other hand truth is that generation of power in solar panels is directly related to sunlight (UV).

Seek professional for defective solar panels

A qualified professional team can monitor the state of your entire system and help you out in case of any solar panel decreased output. On other hand your job is to keep your solar panels cleaned from dust, leaves or debris. While, professional can fix any problem in your solar panel system such as exposed wiring, loose racking, micro cracks etc. in case of any damage to your solar panels you decide to fix that yourself can cause you more damage and voiding the warranty.

Allow air to flow through solar panels

Mount solar panels in such way that air can flow through them. This will keep temperature at best for prime operation conditions. Extreme access of heat can reduce the efficiency and performance of solar panels.

Periodic Cleaning of Solar Panels

Solar panels need minimal maintenance but they do need periodic cleaning. If left unlearned; this will decrease their power generation efficiency and performance.

Solar power is available to almost every home. Solar panels require little maintenance which keeps them work for longer period.  Lifespan of solar panels is 25 years or more. A proper maintenance keeps their efficiency and performance up to mark.

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