February 25, 2021

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Kidneys Health Warning Signs

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Kidneys are part of our body and kidney’s health is most important. Dysfunction of kidneys affects whole body health. Failure of kidneys is fatal! It’s necessary to not ignore the signs that are related to kidney’s health.

Modern life is so hectic and busy and often we neglect the signals that our body is giving us about our health. From morning to night we are engaged in different activities. The signals our body gives can have serious consequences if we don’t respond on time. It’s necessary to respond to these signals because many from them can be dysfunctional symptoms sent by our kidneys.

Here are 14 signals that tell about our kidney’s health:

1. Shortness of Breath

If kidneys are not working properly then you can have shortness of breath. It’s because of excess of fluids flowing to lungs. Furthermore it can be because of anemia as red cells don’t transport oxygen. So it’s important to not ignore the shortness of breath and consult your doctor.

2. Metallic Taste and Bad Breath

Kidneys and liver’s function is clean your body from toxins. If kidneys get problem then waste pile up in our body and it change the food taste. A metallic taste develops in our mouth whatever we eat. Along with metallic taste bad breath is also sign of improper functioning of kidneys. Because toxins contaminate the bloodstream, kidney’s problem causes you eat less therefore leading to excessive weight loss. Hence metallic taste after eating can be because of any other health issues. It’s better to consult your doctor if you have these signs.

3. Swelling in Hands, Feet and Ankles

Sitting too long can cause swelling in feet but it can be because of kidney dysfunction also. While kidneys don’t work properly sodium retains in body and it cause swelling in ankles, hands and feet. There are other possible reasons for swelling in lower part of the body such as liver or heart disease or leg vein problems.

4. Dry and Itchy Skin

Healthy kidneys clean our body from excessive fluid from our blood. Proper functioning of kidneys increases the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells maintain the mineral nutrient content in our body. Therefore problem in kidneys disturbs the balance of minerals and nutrients and it causes dry and itchy skin. These signals if not handled with care can lead to kidney and bone disease. Keeping yourself well hydrated can be prevented easily. Never take self medication always consult your doctor because self medication can cause complications.

5. Back Pain

Kidney cysts or big fluid filled sac formation on the kidneys can cause back pain and also leg pain. Polycystic kidney disease doesn’t let the kidneys to discharge the waste from body. As a result you can get back pain which usually you will feel beneath the rib cage and can also be felt in the hip and groin area. There can be sick feeling, fever, frequent urination and vomiting along with back pain due to kidney failure. See your doctor first in such condition instead of taking pain killers.

6. Puffy Eyes

When kidney’s filtration system gets weakened then it allows protein to leak into urine. While protein is not retained in body and discharged in urine it causes puffy eyes. Therefore, proper rest and more protein intake are needed to cover the protein loss in body. If still you have puffy eyes then it’s better to look for a doctor. One of the kidney disease symptom is that excess of protein levels of globulin in the blood found through a kidney function test.

7. Anemia

Chronic kidney disease patients can get anemia. Anemia symptoms are fatigue, white spots on face, tiredness even you sleep, and pallor.

8. High Blood Pressure

The excretory system and blood circulatory system are dependent on each other and can affect each other also. If any of these system gets problem! There are small nephrons in kidneys whose work is to filter excess fluids and waste from blood. If blood vessels get damaged then oxygen and nutrients don’t reach to nephrons which lead to kidney failure along with high blood pressure. That happens because nephrons can’t perform their function.

9. Weakness, Fatigue and Headache

There is another important function that kidneys perform is converting vitamin D to produce Erythropoietin (EPO). EPO is necessary hormone for production of red blood cells. When kidneys get problem they don’t make EPO which causes decline in the amount of red blood cells. Red blood cells are vital as they transfer oxygen to every part of the body so reduction in red blood cells can affect whole body. It causes rapid muscle and brain fatigue.

10. Change in Urine Color and Odor

Urine is produced in kidneys and change in its color or odor is a sign of kidneys problem. Excessive urge of urination at night is also a symptom that kidneys are not working properly. You must see a doctor on such symptoms.

11. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition in which your breath pauses one or more time while you are sleeping. Sleep Apnea can be because of chronic kidney disease. Sleep apnea does affect the quality of life for that a doctor should be consulted.

12. Foamy Urine or Proteinuria

Foamy urine usually is cause of normal pressure of urine but if you are getting foamy urine on constant basis then its alarming signs of proteinuria. It requires immediate visit to a doctor to diagnose the real cause of it. Urine bubbles, which you have to keep flushing till they disappear is sign of unwanted protein discharge from your body.

13. Blood in Urine

Blood in urine is clear sign that your kidneys are damaged. It’s sign of Hematuria, but that can be wrong also! A doctor can diagnose correctly about the blood in urine problem. That can be because of UTI (Urinal Tract Infection).  Blood in urine is not a sign or symptom that can be ignored or tolerated.

14. Trouble in Sleeping

If kidneys got dysfunction then toxins cannot be discharged from body through urine. That’s why the toxins contaminate the bloodstream. Due to of kidneys problem toxin level gets high and affect sleep. You can have insomnia. Getting less sleep also affects the kidneys function and it decreases the kidneys work capacity.

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