February 25, 2021

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Solar Panels Worth for Home Facts

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Solar panels are worth it for homes, though there mostly discussed pros and cons of solar panels regarding their costs. Initially it is expensive but on long run it pays you back more!

Solar energy benefits majority of people knows. But everything has some good aspects and along that negative side exists. The picture is always having two sides a good side and bad side. One is the major source of renewable energy. Most famous form of renewable energy is solar energy. Harnessing of solar energy is completely dependent on sunlight.

Solar energy could be used for different purposes but mostly it is used to create electricity through solar panels. To know that solar panels are worth for home or not! It’s better to know details about solar panels to understand their efficiency and cost of solar panel installation in home.

Cost of Solar Panels

There are many things that affect the cost of solar panels. It’s best to know the factors that affect on the cost of solar panels. There is a specific criteria to follow so that you can go solar and it don’t cost you a lot.

The factors that affect the cost are:

1. Sunlight Spectrum

Sunlight spectrum is the basic factor that will affect the cost of solar panels. Sunlight spectrum or level you can know yourself. That how long sun exposure is in your area, if you get the ample of light throughout the year then its best to install solar panels. But if you are living on a place where sunlight is just for few days like in Seattle where sun merely comes most probably for 58 days.  On such place installing solar panels is waste of money. There you will have to install many more solar panels to cover the required necessity.

2. Size of Your House

Size of house really matters in cost of solar panels. A small or normal size house solar panel’s cost range is between $500 to $16000. If your house is big then cost will increase according to the size of the home.

3. Government Help

There are many states in United States that provide grants for solar energy. If you are having those on your place then its best!

4. Advancements in Solar Technology

Solar panels are becoming cost effective as the technology is moving forward. The new technology is all about making less price and efficient solar panels. Like thin printed solar cells and nanoantenas is couple of examples of that.

There are some more things which you will have to consider so you can know that solar panels are worth for your home or not. There is no doubt solar energy is a form renewable energy and safest also. It haves many benefits but due to its high cost, people get confused about its benefits.

Here is comparative analysis of solar panels that will make it clear for you. There are many considerations which you will have to look before getting solar panels for your home.

Positive Features of Solar Panels

Positive features about solar panels are:

  • Solar energy is free as it’s provided by the sun and sun doesn’t charge any bill for that. Once you installed solar panels at your home then use as much solar energy as you can it won’t be having any charges.
  • Solar panels are durable and they require very little maintenance. Once solar panels are installed then they will work efficiently for over 20 years. Solar panels are having long life and effectiveness. That means your 20 years electric bills are saved.

Negative Features of Solar Panels

The negative features of solar panels are:

  • The first negative feature of the solar panels is related to size of house. If the house is big then you will have to invest more to fulfill the requirements of electricity for your home.
  • Second is that solar energy is time restricted sun is not always 24 hours. So for night you will have to install batteries. The installation of storage batteries will increase the cost more.
  • Though solar panels haves life span of 20 to 30 years. But after that you will have to change them again. You will have to replace the whole lot. It will again need same or more amount of money then.

Solar Panels Worth for Home Fact Finding

The negative features of solar panels are mostly related to future time. And most of them are related to costs. No one can give assurance about future. There are more chances that in future solar panels will be cheap. The researches and developments regarding solar energy are in process day by day.

The time span of solar panels efficiency 20-30 years is not a small time. If a correct calculation is made of electricity bill savings of these all years one can get the exact figure that he got back more from solar panels than his investment.

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