February 27, 2021

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Understand Brain Food Needs

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The brain is the organ in body that takes no rest, to keep it running healthy it’s good to take such food that helps brain to work better. Brain’s neurons always need glucose to keep it functioning. Like other body cells neurons don’t store sugar. Aside from that brain made 60% of fats so good fats are needed too! A healthy diet makes brain function better and makes healthy body. So it’s necessary to understand brain’s food needs.

Brain is the most powerful organ in human body as they are working 24/7 round the clock. Brain works even we are sleeping. In simple words brain can be described as  king of the body as it control thoughts, sensation, movement, calculate and orders body to react in different scenarios.

Aside from that there so many countless tasks that brain performs like storing data, images, text and concepts. There are thousands of complex functions that are regulated by the brain such as, breathing, hormone balance, circadian balance, unconscious activity, and blood flow.

Brain’s Energy Need

Most of energy is consumed by brain our body which is more than 20% of caloric intake. From which half goes to bioelectrical messages that brain spirals through the neurons and body.  Food counts a lot to have healthy brain and body. Because food can affect the brain’s energy, memory, stress, complex problems and ability to handle our daily tasks.

Brain’s Basic Diet

Basic diet that brain needs on constant basis is glucose which keeps it running. Like other cells in body they store sugar while neurons don’t store it, that’s why brain is always hungry and needs constant supply of it. The fuel for brain is obtained through carbohydrates which we eat such as, vegetables, fruits and grains. But this doesn’t mean that we eat refined sugars like table sugars of fructose as they are not healthy options since overly high blood glucose levels will damage the cells throughout the body including brain cells.


Pancreas basic function is release insulin in body that helps cells to absorb and store glucose. The food we eat after digestion glucose from it enters in our blood stream at that time pancreas releases right amount of insulin to keep blood sugar under control. The refined sugars instantly raise glucose level in blood which is too fast for body to control it. The refined sugars damage the liver and kidneys because body tries hard to get rid of the sudden excessive amount of glucose. The loose glucose can bind with protein to form very reactive free radicals that do damage in body wherever they go. This makes pancreas to release more insulin than normal and cells throughout the body respond by pulling in glucose as fast as possible.

This whole process brings down dangerous blood sugar levels, but sometimes it fall low as body has been forced to react so drastically. It’s the reason many people crash shortly after the rush that comes with sugar. When high amount of sugar is taken the body has to do something which too much fuel and the levels drop well below normal. The neurons can’t store sugar like other body cells, so in this all process of sugar controlling they starve. The brain then gets sugar from nearby fluids and then becomes sluggish as it runs low.  In such low points the memory and focus suffers and continuous ups and downs in sugar levels damage neurons.


Glucose like fuel to brain but it’s not like that brain doesn’t need other nutrients. Brain is made up of 60% fat. So, low levels of fats in food and the body can contribute to depression, Alzheimer’s and dementia.  The fats which are good for brain and body are found in seeds, nuts, algae, coconut and avocados. They contain essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 which are good for health, along with non essential fatty acids that are also helpful.

Trans fats in hydrogenated vegetable oils are the fats which need to be avoided as they raise cholesterol levels, not well for heart and brain and it also contribute to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. In moderation saturated fats must be used for a healthy diet. Like coconut oil had shown some good results in raising good cholesterol levels, weight loss and combating brain disorders and degeneration.

For healthy brain and body good plant based foods must be added in diet that increases brain function, mood, and memory.

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