February 25, 2021

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What is Green Energy?

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Green energy is the energy which is created from natural resources like wind, solar and water. Its haves no negative effect on environment. Green energy is also known as renewable energy.

The energy created from natural renewable resources such as, wind, sunlight and water is called green energy. It’s also known as renewable energy. Furthermore, green energy means zero carbon emissions which mean environment friendly! Conventional energy prices are soaring continuously and it’s also affecting climate. Recent advancements in technology the green energy like solar energy or wind energy are becoming cost effective. So, you can use green energy for your house, it got easier than it ever have been.

Difference between Green Energy and Alternative Energy

All green energy sources are alternative energy. But all alternative energy sources are not green energy as in alternative energy other sources there is nuclear power and other carbon sources also.

Green Energy for Home Users

Certainly there are many benefits of green energy for home users. Its can save a lot on your electric bills, green energy is gaining popularity and it can easily meet your home energy needs. You can build your own backyard wind turbine or install solar panels on your roof top you only need basic DIY skills for that. But it will be best if you can afford professionals for that task as they are more efficient.

 Steps To Go For Green Energy

How to utilize green energy in homes or business premises? That can be started by implementing passive solar design. That’s for people who are going to make new homes. People who can afford to make new home can also use green energy by installing wind turbines at their backyard or at roof. Now there are lighter but efficient wind turbines available or you can install solar panels at roof top. If you are lucky and living near a stream then you can harness is hydro electric power.

Solar Energy

Above all solar energy is most popular amongst the green energy resources because of its multiple use options. Solar energy has 2 types thermal and light. Thermal roof top solar hot water collector for all heating needs in home, and solar panels for electricity.

Ideal Green Energy Home

Ideal green energy home is that uses all three green energy resources, sunlight, wind and water power.  Huge savings can be made by using green energy resources and you can get government grants also for installation. It can financially benefit you also when you sell back excessive energy.

Solar, wind and water energy are green energy resources as they have zero negative effect on environment.

Renewable energy or green energy can be utilized by homes and businesses around the world. Renewable energy can minimize the effects of the global warming and reliance on fossil fuels.

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